Summer Voices (2012)

New Voices presented “Summer Voices,” an annual production of short plays by its members, from July 28 to Aug. 11, 2012.

“Give Me Something Good to Eat” by John Glass, directed by Katherine Scott
Featuring Ray Akin, Larry Creagan, Madeleine Wolf [Katherine Scott 7/28]

“Have a Nice Day” by David Rusiecki, directed by Vanessa Wolf
Featuring Toni Beckman, Paul LeSchofs

“Hooking Up” by John Franceschini, directed by Jo Black-Jacob
Featuring David Rusiecki, Emily Spiller, Karen Wray

“In Flight” by Joanne Freeman, directed by Geoff Gread
Featuring Alyssa Elder, Ben Green, Emily Spiller

“Pitch Perfect” by Linda Whitmore, directed by Geoff Gread
Featuring Ben Green, Glenn Koppel, Harv Popick, Karen Wray

 “Spanish Masters” by Lynne Bolen, directed by Lynne Bolen
Featuring Trevor Archer, David Cramer, Alyssa Elder, Glenn Koppel

“Take My Land Please” by John Richardson, directed by Yvonne Robertson
Featuring Richard Comeau, Ginger Francis, Kyle Spiller

 “The Last Episode” by John Lane, directed by Geoff Gread
Featuring Harv Popick, David Rusiecki, Ivar Vasco, Karen Wray

Production Team 

  • Producers:  John Bolen and Lynne Bolen
  • Light Designer:  Nick Charles
  • Sound Designers:  Kate Lyle, Phil Lyle, Claire Bolen
  • Stage Manager/Light & Sound Technician:  Katy Dominguez
  • Publicity/Press:  Christopher Trela