Summer Voices (2011)

New Voices presented its summer show Sept. 10-25, 2011, at the Mysterium. The lineup:


A Matter of Feet, written by John Lane, directed by Kyle Moore
Featuring Lorin Howard, Donna Hedman and Ivar Vasco
A Night in the City of Angels, written by John Bolen, directed by Lynne Bolen
Featuring Caitlin Hedman and Kevin Williams
Assumptions, written by Lynne Bolen, directed by Terry Winkler
Featuring Soyia Ellison, Fred Peters and Andre Stojka
Fay W., written by John Richardson, directed by Geoffrey Gread
Featuring Elizabeth M. Desloge and Kevin Williams
God Only Knows, written by Linda Whitmore, directed by Geoffrey Gread
Featuring Ray Akin and John Tramutola
It’s Only A Minute A Guy, written by John Franceschini, directed by Pattric Walker
Featuring Roxanne Martinez, Kyle Moore, and Mitchell Nunn
Stuck, written and directed by Kyle Moore
Featuring Kyle Moore and Lisa Morrison
The Subtext of Texting, written by Lorin Howard, directed by Lance Macdonald
Featuring Jeffrey Kieviet, Anne Lee Mako, and Jen Vogt-Lowell

Production Team

  • Producers:  John Bolen and Lynne Bolen
  • Sound Designer:  Claire Bolen
  • Light Designer:  Joseph Solomon
  • Sound Technician/Stage Manager:  Claire Bolen
  • Light Technician:  Alex Fuentes
  • Publicity/Press:  Christopher Trela


    • Mysterium Theater:  19211 Dodge Avenue, Santa Ana, CA 92705
    • Tickets: $18 general, $15 students/seniors/military
    • Phone Reservations:  (714) 505-3454
    • Online Tickets: