Michael Buss

Michael has been a member of New Voices Playwrights since its inception in 1997, prior to which he received his early playwriting training from Cecilia Fannon, at South Coast Repertory Theatre (SCR).

Since then he has regularly contributed to New Voices’ fully staged productions in theaters all over Orange County, and has had his works published in New Voices anthologies.  Several of his full-length plays have received acclaim at staged readings, and he is collaborating with a colleague in England to fine tune the regional dialect of his latest 90-minute play.

Michael has also written several substantial one act screen plays for Junior High School drama students, all of which were fully produced. Although he emigrated from the UK to California some 23 years ago he still needs the critical ear of American playwrights to catch his unconscious anglicisms, though they have never yet extinguished his penchant for quirky, Pythonesquecomedy.

Apart from plays, Michael has also been the chief technical writer for Software 4 Schoolsfor over 11 years, and is currently researching material for a couple of books which have lain unfinished for even longer!! But with real retirement due by the end of 2019 the way is opening up for these projects to see completion.

Michael is also an actor and director; and a proud second tenor with Meritáge Vocal Arts Ensemble.


(714) 329-7311