Holiday Voices (2010)

New Voices presented its annual holiday show Dec. 11-12, 18-19 at the Empire Theatre. The lineup:

“A New Year Me”
Written by John Bolen
Directed by Lynne Bolen
Featuring Alyssa Elder, Coreen Mueller and David Rusiecki

“ATM Santa”
Written by Joanne Freeman
Directed by Geoffrey Gread
Featuring Fred Peters and David Rusiecki

“Baggage Game”
Written and directed by Lynne Bolen
Featuring Lynne Bolen and John Bolen

“Cutting Remarks”
Written by Linda Whitmore
Directed by Terry Winkler
Featuring Brandon Kasper and Soyia Ellison

Written by David Scaglione
Directed by Kyle Moore
Featuring Laurie Robbins and Pattric Walker

“Present Company”
Written by Paula Fell
Directed by Vanessa Wolf
Featuring Toni Beckman, Gloria Maxwell and James Sweeney

“Rizzoli Returns From the Mall”
Written by John Richardson
Directed by Tamiko Washington
Featuring John Tramutola

Written by John Lane
Directed by Geoffrey Gread
Featuring Ivar Vasco, Soyia Ellison, and Phillip Lyle

Production team

Producers:  John Bolen and Lynne Bolen
Light Design:  David C. Carnevale
Sound Design:  Claire Bolen
Stage Manager/Light & Sound Technician:  Claire Bolen
Costume Design:  Kate Lyle
Publicity/Press:  Christopher Trela

Empire Theatre
202 N. Broadway
Santa Ana’s Artists Village

Admission: $15 general; $12 students/seniors/military